With focused acupressurist training, you can master the art of a 5,000 year old Asian healing method.

Acupressure is an Asian healing method that relieves stress related ailments with finger pressure as opposed to the traditional acupuncture needles. Rather than inserting fine needles, the acupressurist training will show you how to stimulate the various healing sites of the body with your fingers. When you complete your acupressurist certification, you will be an expert in the power and sensitivity of the hand in healing your patients.

Topics of the Acupressurist Certification

  • Client Examination. When you earn your acupressurist diploma, you will be capable of examining your client’s physical and mental well being in order to provide the proper treatment.
  • Ailment Diagnosis. Once you have examined your patient, you will be ready to make a diagnosis of the problem and recommend an effective treatment method.
  • Redirect Body Fluids. Your acupressurist education will provide you with the training to redirect your client’s built up fluids into healthy channels for powerful healing.

There are a variety of acupressurist opportunities available for the qualified professional. Due to the general rise in population coupled with the decline in over all health, your acupressurist training will give you a solid set of credentials that you can use to market yourself to potential employers.

Characteristics of the Acupressurist Career

  • Environment. There are acupressurist opportunities to be found in a variety of inviting environments from a health club to a private practice.
  • Preparation. The best way to prepare to complete your acupressurist diploma is to take courses in mathematics, biology, and chemistry. A health services background is also useful in this field.
  • Education. Because there is no industry standard for acupressurist training, there are several routes you can take to earn your credentials.