Ayurvedic Herbalist

The aryuvedic herbalist diploma will teach you the ancient healing power of mystical herbs and roots.

Herbs have long been espoused for their abilities to ward off infection and heal an entire range of illnesses. You can earn your ayurvedic herbalist certification and become an expert in the preparation and administration of these life building herbs. Your training will be based on the ancient Indian medical science of ayurveda and will offer you a variety of opportunities to build an exciting and worthwhile career.

Topics of an Ayurvedic Herbalist Certification

  • Plant Identification. Your ayurvedic herbalist diploma program will prepare you to recognize and utilize a variety of mystical herbs and roots for maximum healing.
  • Botanical Medicines. Selecting the proper botanicals to create effective medicines is another major concern of the ayurvedic herbalist.
  • Herb Interactions. As an ayurvedic herbalist, your training will help you understand the variety of herbal interactions that are necessary to safely heal your patients.

There are many ayurvedic herbalist opportunities available to you once you have completed your training and earned your diploma. Because ayurvedic medicine is growing in popularity, the opportunities for you to work out of a respected medical center are good. Let’s take a look at the various ayurvedic herbalist opportunities available to you upon the completion of your training.

Ayurvedic Herbalist Opportunities

  • Holistic Health Center. The holistic health center is a major employer of the ayurvedic herbalist and usually keeps two or three of these professionals on staff at any given time.
  • Health Farm. Another employment possibility for you once you have earned your ayurvedic herbalist certification is the health farm for preventative treatments.
  • Private Practice. If you have always wanted to work for yourself, you can open your own private ayurvedic herbalist practice working from your own home or rented office space.