Certified Massage Therapist

Becoming a certified massage therapist will provide you with opportunities to rid the world of stress.

Nothing feels better than a deep muscle massage after a strenuous day at work. But did you know that your certified massage therapist can also be an integral part of your over all health? And should you complete you certified massage therapist training, you can make a career out of this ancient but effective healing method. In fact, earning your certified massage therapist diploma will start you down the path of an exciting new career.

Topics of the Certified Massage Therapist Certification

  • Musculoskeletal Systems. The certified massage therapist training will make you an expert in treating musculoskeletal ailments that can be debilitating to your patients.
  • Stress Reduction. One of the major benefits of massage therapy is the reduction of stress that is believed to be the starting point for a variety of illnesses.
  • Holistic Balance. Completing your certified massage therapist diploma will give you the knowledge and skills to address the holistic view of health that has dominated Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

Upon completion of your massage therapist certification, you will find many opportunities for employment in holistic health centers throughout the country. Medical staffs are continually in need of a certified massage therapist to provide their patients with preventative treatments for their ailments. Here are just a few of the health organizations that employ the certified massage therapist.

Certified Massage Therapist Opportunities

  • Hospitals. Hospitals with adjoining wellness centers will hire you to provide care for their patients once you have completed the certified massage therapist training.
  • Day Spas. Day spas continue to be a major employer of the certified massage therapist who specializes in this form of advanced treatment.
  • Private Practice. If you enjoy the thought of working for yourself, you can open up your own certified massage therapist treatment facility.