Esalen Massage Therapist

The energy of many traditional massage therapies travels one way: from therapist to recipient. Esalen massage is different.

The Esalen Institute was founded in 1962 near Big Sur, California as a non-profit organization devoted to the exploration of untapped human potential. The institute’s merging of Eastern and Western philosophies blends seamlessly with its stunning location on California’s central coast.

What is Esalen Massage?

Stemming from various sources and influences, including traditional Swedish massage, the philosophy of Esalen massage is the integration of all parts of the body. Esalen massage uses slow, methodical strokes to unite the individual parts of the body. Each massage treatment is unique and personalized to the recipient’s particular needs.

An Esalen massage practitioner is concerned with more than just the physical body. A session of Esalen massage aims to connect the body, mind, and spirit of both practitioner and recipient. Esalen massage is a truly invigorating experience on several levels. The technique is now practiced throughout the world and each Esalen practitioner develops their own unique style.

Is Esalen for you?

Esalen massage training takes a strong commitment to not only personal development, but a commitment to the well-being of others. Outside of mastering the techniques, you have to be devoted to maintaining discipline and deepening understanding of your own body. Meditation and yoga techniques can used to find your center and the vitality within your own body, giving you the insight necessary for the Esalen massage technique.

If you are considering an Esalen massage therapy career, there are many schools that offer Esalen training and certification. The Esalen Institute has formed the Esalen Massage & Bodywork Association, or EMBA, to regulate the accreditation and education standards of the technique in Esalen massage therapy schools.