Herbal Medicine Specialist

Prescription drugs often treat only the symptoms. For total body health, become an herbal medicine specialist.

Man has harvested natural medicines and herbal remedies before recorded history. We still use these medicines to prevent sickness and promote general health while benefiting from years of clinical research. As health care and prescription drugs become increasingly expensive and prone to unknown side effects, there are more people, including doctors and patients, realizing the healthier, natural path to good health. States are recognizing the potential of natural medicines; the state of California has recently made naturopathic medicine an official medical specialty.

What is an Herbal Medicine Specialist?

Modern medicine has many limitations. In many instances, practitioners are limited to treating only the manifested problems in the body. Natural herbal medicines, however, increase the body’s natural defenses, allowing it to genuinely heal. Practitioners of herbal medicine improve the immune system and natural defenses of the body, be it ailing or not.

Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and indigenous American medicines all have roots in modern herbal medicine. There are medicinal plants that are constantly being discovered all over the world. Herbal medicine specialists study these herbs. Just as in conventional medicine, dosages must be regulated, conflicting herbs cannot be used together, and treatments must be regulated and altered depending on the condition of a patient. Herbal treatments are potentially just as dangerous as pharmaceuticals if used improperly.

Herbal Medicine Specialist as a Reality

Herbal medicine training is available through several channels. Several organizations offer certification programs in natural and herbal medicines. There are several resources for continuing students of natural medicine and herbal medicine certification, such as the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists (ANMP). Herbal medicine specialist opportunities are increasing, so consider a career in a holistic field of medicine.