Holistic Health Educator

Holistic health educators bring knowledge of holistic health to individuals and to healing professionals.

Holistic health education career opportunities range from teaching courses to future holistic healthcare practitioners to reaching out to the broader community to offer courses to individuals interested in holistic health to providing training in alternative medical practices to members of the traditional medical establishment. Some holistic health educators work independently, establishing their own schools and training programs.

Others provide holistic health education through books, videos, or tapes. Regardless of the method of outreach that most appeals to you, the growth in demand for holistic healthcare means that opportunities for holistic health educators are on the rise.

Many holistic health schools include courses that provide training for holistic health educators. So while you learn holistic health practices, you can also learn the best techniques for sharing your expertise with others.

Because the field of holistic healthcare is a broad one, holistic health education training courses cover a similarly broad range of possible instructional methods. In some settings, hands-on training will be necessary, while in others, more general introductory lecturing is appropriate. Whatever setting you’ll find yourself in as an educator, holistic health education courses will make sure you’re prepared.

A holistic health education career gives you the opportunity to share your passion and knowledge for holistic healing with others. By offering education to individuals and to other practitioners, you’ll be working to advance holistic healing on many different fronts. Whether you choose a holistic health education career focused on publishing, working one-on-one with students, or speaking in public, if you are compelled by natural healing, you’re sure to find great rewards.