Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutritionists help modify clients’ diets to promote the body’s natural balance and healing powers.

If you pursue holistic nutrition as a career, you’ll work with individuals to help them determine their best natural diet. The foods we eat releases energy into our bodies, but they can also release toxins. Holistic nutrition is based on the idea that by making the right nutrition choices, we can dramatically improve our health.

There are obvious connections between food intake and health, for instance the strong correlation between high cholesterol levels and high fat diets. As a result, traditional medical practitioners are well aware of the benefits of diet modification. But the dietary changes holistic nutritionists help their clients to make can affect their clients’ bodies and spirits in surprising and even more extensive ways, from improving their mental and spiritual health to increasing their energy levels.

Some holistic nutrition training courses are offered within broader programs in holistic healthcare while others are offered through schools or programs focusing exclusively on nutrition. Whichever type of holistic nutrition training you pursue, you’ll have the chance to take classes in fundamentals like food science as well as in specialized areas like nutrition for the treatment of disease and holistic nutrition education.

Holistic nutritionists have a wide range of career opportunities, from working within natural healthcare practices to working at spas or resorts to providing consulting services to restaurants. Some holistic nutritionists use their skills as part of more extensive holistic healthcare practices, whether they work independently or as part of group of healthcare providers. Whatever opportunities you choose to pursue as a holistic nutritionist, a career in the field will allow you to share the healing power of healthy eating.