Hospice Massage Therapist

Hospice massage therapists provide the gift of touch at a time when physical contact is an often unmet need.

The power of touch and the pain relieving and stress reducing capabilities of massage therapy are leading more and more health care practitioners to recommend hospice massage therapy to their end-of-life patients. Hospice massage therapy services are often also extended to patients’ primary care givers, offering them much needed rejuvenation and stress relief.

Hospice massage therapists’ careers can have a broad range, from providing care in hospitals, in long term care facilities, in clients’ homes, or within larger massage therapy or natural healing practices.

If you have a desire to provide an important healing gift and to share your skills and your spirit with people in need, hospice massage therapy offers opportunities very few other careers can parallel.

Hospice massage therapy training is available as part of many massage therapy schools’ specialized course offerings. So while you earn a general massage therapy license, you can focus your training and your practice on providing care for end-of-life patients.

Hospice massage therapists employ gentle touch and techniques targeted at promoting relaxation and relieving tension and pain. With the right skills and the right spirit on the part of the practitioner, hospice massage therapy is one of the most powerful therapies available to individuals in hospice care.

Some massage therapists volunteer their services for hospice patients. So even if hospice massage therapy is not your full-time specialty, there are still opportunities for you to give back in this important way. Whether it’s as your primary career or as a secondary service, learning and using hospice massage therapy skills will provide tremendous rewards for you and the patients you serve.