Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy utilizes the body’s natural energy centers to promote health and healing.

As a hot stone massage therapist, you’ll place smooth, heated stones on specific acupressure points on clients’ bodies to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy energy flow. While some hot stone therapies end with stone placement, hot stone massage therapy combines acupressure placement with rejuvenating massage, using the stones themselves as massage tools. The warmth of the stones and the movements of deep tissue massage come together in hot stone massage to powerfully improve circulation and healing.

Hot stone massage therapy training will give you specialized knowledge, from expertise in controlling the temperature of the stones to understanding the connection between hot stone massage therapy and physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Courses in hot stone massage therapy are offered by massage therapy schools around the country.

Whether you choose to pursue coursework in hot stone massage therapy individually or as part of a larger massage therapy certification or licensure program, the number of schools that offer hot stone therapy courses will make it easy for you to access the training you need.

Hot stone massage therapists are often employed by spas, resorts, or retreats. Others work in natural healing centers or massage practices that offer a range of massage therapy services. Some hot stone massage therapists work independently, most often offering hot stone massage therapy as one of several types of massage or natural health therapies.

Whether you’re interested in the flexibility of working on your own or the security of working within an established practice, opportunities for successful hot stone massage therapy careers are greater than ever before.