Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon of toxins, helping to improve gastro-intestinal functioning and overall health.

Hydrotherapy, sometimes called colonic cleansing, is an ancient natural healing practice that has been used for millennia to rid the body of toxins and restore order and balance to the body’s systems. By mimicking nature’s own cleansing systems, hydrotherapy improves intestinal functioning and bowel regularity.

Both because of its longstanding place among natural therapies and because of the rise in incidence of colon cancer and gastrointestinal diseases, hydrotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment. Poor dietary habits and the growing prevalence of unnatural substances in mass-marketed foods are further reasons demand for hydrotherapy is increasing. As individuals move away from natural diets, their bodies’ natural cleansing abilities are disturbed. Hydrotherapy can help return the body to a more natural state.

While it is often used as a preventative treatment, hydrotherapy can provide relief for conditions from irritable bowel syndrome to Chron’s disease to menstrual cycle irregularities.

Hydrotherapy training programs offer coursework in fundamentals like physiology and anatomy as well as in specific techniques and equipment used in modern hydrotherapy practice. With hydrotherapy training available from a growing number of schools, opportunities to gain the expertise you need to begin a new career are closer at hand than you may have guessed.

Hydrotherapy certification is available from the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). Earning your certification will not only allow you to demonstrate your expertise to your clients, it will also enable you to find work within larger natural health care practices or hydrotherapy practices.

If you want a job where you improve individuals’ health and wellbeing, a career as a hydrotherapist is a path well worth considering.