Independent Masseur

Independent massage therapists run their own practices, bringing the healing art of massage to their clients.

As an independent massage therapist, you’ll be able to offer services to your clients ranging from massage for sports related injuries and relaxing and rejuvenating Swedish massage to spiritually healing massage like Lomi Lomi. Many massage therapists work in spas, doctors’ offices, or natural health centers. While independent massage therapists may receive referrals from other healing and health practitioners and may even rent space within other establishment, they are ultimately their own bosses.

As a result, working as an independent massage therapist will give you the freedom of scheduling your own hours and determining the focus and extent of your practice. From full-time to part-time, from offering hospice massage services to contracting with athletic teams to provide physical rehabilitation massage, the choice is yours.

Independent massage therapy schools offer the training you need to earn your massage therapy license as well as certifications in various massage techniques. In a massage therapy program you’ll learn both in the classroom and through hands-on practice, providing massage under the guidance of experts until you have mastered the skills necessary to provide massage therapy on your own. With schools around the country offering a range of specialties, finding the right fit is easier than ever.

As an independent massage therapist, you may choose a career exclusively focused on massage, or you may choose to diversify your practice, pursuing additional training and offering other services from aromatherapy to homeopathic health treatment. Whichever direction you choose, independent massage therapists have more career opportunities than ever before thanks to the growing demand for massage therapy and an increased interested in natural healing therapies more generally.