Iridologists, specialists in analyzing the iris, identify weaknesses in the body and help prevent diseases.

The practice of iridology is based on the idea that nerve endings in the iris of the eye are connected to tissues throughout the body. Because of this connection, inflammation, weakness, and damage in the body reflect themselves in the tissues of the iris in predictable ways.

Over time, iridologists have developed a map of the eye that corresponds to a map of the body. This allows them to see conditions that can lead to diseases, in many cases well before traditional medicine can identify them. As a result, iridologists can point people toward natural preventative healing methods for treating conditions before they worsen into diseases.

If you are looking to work with individuals to help them improve their quality of life, iridology school is a great start. You can earn your iridology certification at schools around the country, in some cases as a stand alone certification, but often as part of a more general course of study in natural healing.

After completing your iridology training, iridology career opportunities range from positions at natural health centers to the possibility of establishing an independent practice. Because iridology and natural healing go hand in hand, many iridologists find that working closely with other natural health practitioners, or combining their iridology practice with other healing techniques, allows them to provide the best service for their clients.

Whether you are an experienced natural health practitioner looking to expand your expertise or a newcomer to the field, iridology training can open amazing opportunities, both for your career and for your ability to bring healing to individuals in need.