Are you interested in preventative and/or holistic medicine? Are you worried that too many Americans rely on prescription drugs to get over illness? If so, you are probably among a growing number of people that have resolved to lead healthier lifestyles in order to solve any persistent health problems. If your interest in preventative medicine involves a possible career change, you may want to look into massage therapy as an option.

Massage therapy is a field that is quite unique from the typical nine-to-five job. As a massage therapist, your hours will generally be quiet flexible, and you feel more independent than do would as an employee in the corporate world. Massage therapy can be quite relaxing, because your work environment typically includes pleasant-smelling oils and meditative music.

Because you work with your whole body, you can avoid the lower back pain associated with sitting at a desk all day. In addition, you’ll know that the treatments you provide help people become more healthy, which should give you an optimistic career outlook.

If you decide to become a massage therapist, you will probably need to spend some time in a reputable massage therapy school. While at school, you will be able to become certified in a number of massage sub-specialties such as Swedish massage, Shiatsu, acupressure, sports massage, and myofacial release. While many massage therapists don’t offer all of these specialties, those that demand the highest fees or work at the best clubs have usually received training in most of these areas.

As a massage therapist, you’ll have a wide range of career possibilities available to you. Massage therapists work in medical and rehabilitation clinics, resorts, spas, and in wellness centers. If you develop a large client base, you can also work for yourself.

Massage Programs:

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Therapeutic Massage
Clinical Massage Therapist Certified Massage Therapist
Myofascial Release Prenatal Massage
Reflexology Neuromuscular Massage
Reiki Shiatsu
Eastern Massage Techniques Sports Massage
Swedish Massage Trigger Point Therapy