Natural Medicine

Are you a proponent of preventative medicine? Are you worried that America has become a country where medication is over-prescribed? Do you believe that leading a proper healthy lifestyle can do more to ensure long-term health than drugs or surgery? If so, welcome to a growing minority in America that has embraced holistic medicine and nutrition as a path towards wellness.

If you would like to share your mission with others that need you, maybe it’s time to change careers. One field that can truly make a different to your community is a job in the natural health industry. Natural health specialties such as naturopathy, holistic nutrition, wellness counseling, and herbology offer life-changing benefits to patients by boosting their immune systems, increasing circulation, increasing flexibility, and detoxifying the body, among other benefits.

In order to work in the natural health field, you’ll probably have to spend some time in school learning one or more of these sub-specialties. As a holistic nutrition student, for example, you’ll take courses that will teach how different vitamins, minerals, and toxins affect the body. You’ll be trained to identify the “problem” ingredients in many processed foods, and will learn how to plan a natural food menu that addresses patients’ nutritional needs.

As a wellness counseling student, you’ll be trained to asses a client’s nutritional and exercise needs, and will then work with that client over a number of weeks to meet those needs. Those who are trained to work in the natural health field often find jobs in wellness centers, centers for holistic medicine, or even some medical clinics.

Natural Medicine Programs:

Aromatherapy Complementary Medicine
Herbalism Homeopath
Holistic Health Holistic Wellness
Iridology Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathy Nutrition