Physical Therapy

The pharmaceutical industry is very powerful in America. They spend millions advertising certain drugs to the public, millions courting doctors with the hopes that they prescribe their brand of medication, and millions lobbying the government to maintain the status quo on health insurance policy and drug prices.

With so much power concentrated in the pharmaceutical industry, it is no wonder that America is a country that takes medication for almost every conceivable illness. The prospect of prioritizing preventative medicine over symptom-reducing medicating looks bleak, because overarching changes in public policy and societal evangelization probably won’t occur until there is a shakeup of the pharma company power structure.

One industry that practices preventative medicine and has managed to co-exist peacefully with drug companies and the mainstream medical field is physical therapeutics. The mission of physical therapeutics is to help people overcome physical injury and prevent future injury by building muscle and flexibility. Physical therapists teach their clients how to better understand their bodies so that they can maintain physical health without having to rely on drugs.

If you want to help rehabilitate people naturally through exercise, you should look into a career as a physical therapist. While earning your degree at a physical therapy school, you’ll be able to focus on a number of sub-specialties such as pediatric, sports, and private physiotherapy.

The training you’ll receive while earning your degree will prepare you to help patients battle back pain, obesity, and athletic injuries. As a physical therapist, you’ll help spread the gospel of preventative medicine and promote healthy living, which should be reason enough to want to go to the office each day.

Physical Therapy Programs:

Physical Therapist Sport Physical Therapist
Rehabilitation Aide Pediatric Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Physical Therapist Geriatric Physical Therapist