Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Despite constant advances in pharmaceutical drugs, it is comforting to know that more and more women prefer natural childbirth. Lamaze classes, proper eating, and a network of supportive friends and family members can help mitigate many of the painful aspects associated with pregnancy. Add to this list the growing field of pregnancy massage therapy.

What is pregnancy massage therapy?

Those with pregnancy massage therapist training basically help expecting mothers overcome the stress, pain, and discomfort they might experience during the nine months of their pregnancy. By gently massaging various parts of the body and face, you can:

  • encourage greater blood circulation
  • relieve cramps, fibrosis and muscle spasms
  • relieve pressure from the neck, back, and joints
  • alleviate fatigue, stress, and discomfort
  • reduce stretch marks

Pregnancy massage therapist certification

As you can imagine, given the level and complexity of prenatal care, you’ll definitely need to complete a pregnancy massage therapist diploma before you can offer your services. There are many schools that provide coursework in this exciting field. You’ll learn a great deal about anatomy, diet, heat and massage therapy, and counseling.

Because your ultimate goal is to make the mother (and her child) as comfortable and healthy as possible, it is also important that you master strong communication skills. Patience, the ability to listen, and a genuine desire to help others will also be important to your success.

There are many pregnancy massage therapist opportunities

Women will keep having babies. This is a fact. And the vast majority of them will suffer some type of discomfort or pain during the nine months of their pregnancy. Whether you choose to make house calls or work from home, there is clearly a vast market for your specific services if you become a pregnancy massage therapist.