Rehabilitation Aide

The body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress from work, play, and life. When our muscles and joints give out, this needn’t be the end. Those with rehabilitation aide training are there to help us get back on our feet; literally.

What is a rehabilitation aide?

As a rehabilitation aide, your job is to help patients recover from injury or illness through exercise, massage therapy, and stretching. Working with a physical therapist, you guide patients through a routine that targets whatever muscle or bone groups require strengthening and recovery.

Rehabilitation aide schools are extremely helpful

Although there are many rehabilitation aide opportunities for people without training, your chances of employment are much higher if you have a rehabilitation aide diploma or rehabilitation aide certificate. Since recovery can be a very slow and laborious process, you will definitely benefit from the in-depth knowledge you’d receive from school. Not only will you learn all about the human anatomy, but you’ll master various therapies such as massage and heat.

In addition, you’ll develop the necessary people skills required to perform well at this job. Patients are not always effective at conveying their needs, so listening will be an important skill. Also, some patients become frustrated at times, so having a compassionate and understanding demeanor can make a world of difference as a rehabilitation aide.

Working conditions

Whether you work at a physical therapy clinic, hospital, or private practice, the basic working conditions will be the same. Expect a 40-hour work week. You might need to work on weekends as they are the most convenient times for patients. It’s not uncommon for rehabilitation aides to move up the ladder and become fully licensed physical therapists. Of course, you’ll need additional training if that is your ultimate goal.