Shiatsu Practitioner

There are massages, and then there are massages. You haven’t experienced true relaxation until you have received a professional Shiatsu massage. It is an ancient form of acupressure from Japan, and wow, it feels great. After you complete Shiatsu practitioner training, expect to make a lot of close friends. You should start by gaining a massage therapy diploma or massage therapy certificate. Most massage schools will allow you to specialize in Shaitsu as part of your training.

It’s for healing more than comfort

Although Shiatsu massages feel wonderful, they were designed to treat ailments and revitalize a person’s Chi (vital energy). If you go to school to earn a Shiatsu practitioner diploma or Shiatsu certification, you’ll learn how to apply pressure at specific points along the body. These key points are aligned with the body’s meridians (energy pathways). Done correctly, Shiatsu can help eliminate or alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, headaches, circulatory and lymph problems, diarrhea, bronchitis, and weight gain. In addition, patients usually report euphoria and general sense of enhanced wellbeing.

Shiatsu practitioner careers are plentiful

Whether because of more stressful living or because of a growing acceptance of Asian healing practices, Shiatsu has gained more popularity in recent years. As a Shiatsu practitioner, you will find many opportunities to provide treatment and wellness healing. And you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started. Nor do you need a fancy clinic or office (although having one certainly doesn’t hurt). You can make house calls or have people come to a place of your choosing. The lifestyle is relatively flexible and the rewards are terrific.

What are the rewards?

Helping people is always satisfying; especially if they are sick or injured. As a Shiatsu practitioner you get to spend your days turning frustrated patients into appreciative, healthy clients. Service to others is one of the greatest and most fulfilling duties we can perform.