Somatic Therapist

Your body has a memory. Traumatic experiences, repetitive stress, and general negativity can store themselves in your body. They often manifest as pain, soreness, stiffness or mood swings. Sometimes, patients aren’t even aware of how much baggage their body is holding until it is too late.

Those with somatic therapist training seek to help their patients release this “tightness” from the body. It’s gaining increasing popularity thanks to the amazing results that many patients report. If you were thinking about becoming a somatic therapist, just know that there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so. Start by gaining a massage therapy certificate or massage therapy diploma.

Somatic therapy is a holistic approach to healing

As a somatic therapist, your job is to help your patient identify trouble spots on the body. This can be achieved through meditation, conscious breathing, stretching, and simple exercises. Once located, these trouble areas receive targeted treatment that might involve some of the above mentioned techniques in addition to massage and heat therapy.

While many therapies focus only on the physical, somatic therapy focuses on the body, mind and soul. Often a person’s sore back is a result of some frustration or anger, and not necessarily from poor posture. That’s why mediation and self-awareness exercises comprise such crucial components of this healing practice. Only by knowing oneself can one discover what needs fixing.

Somatic therapist careers are win-win situations

Not only is it extremely satisfying to help people, but you will also see positive aspects in your own life. Your practice will help make you very centered (assuming you aren’t already). While most jobs stress people out, somatic therapists usually derive a great deal of calm, peace, and compassion from their work. It’s a win-win situation.