Sport Massage Therapist

Just by sitting at a desk all day, we accumulate a tremendous amount of stress. Imagine what athletes go through on the field every day. Who’s to take care of them?

You are.

Sports massage therapist careers are on the rise

As a sport massage therapist, you will use your training and skills to help athletes overcome the general wear and tear that they receive on the playing field. Injuries, repetitive stress, and excessive exercise are common amongst sports players. That’s why regular massages are so vital to their performance. By rubbing the muscles, you can help oxygenate the blood, reduce lactic acid, and help the body heal more quickly.

Athletes are investments

Whether we’re talking about professional sports or high school varsity sports, athletes are major investments. As such, teams want to make sure that the health of their players is in capable hands. If you want to become a sport massage therapist, you’ll need to earn your certification from a reputable program.

The instruction you’ll receive will allow you to better understand each player’s needs. As you work towards your sport massage therapist diploma, you’ll study how the different muscle and bone groups interact. In addition, you’ll learn how to incorporate heat therapy and electrotherapy into your treatments.

Both before and after

Massage therapy is great for reducing existing pain and discomfort, but it is also great for preventing it. In fact, massage has been used as preventative medicine for millennia. Not only will your athletes be healthier, but they will also experience fewer injuries due to enhanced performance and properly aligned muscles.

If you are serious about becoming a sport massage therapist, and have a genuine desire to help others (not to mention a sincere love of sports), there are few jobs that could fulfill you more.