Swedish Massage Therapist

It’s amazing how much stress we carry with us. Regardless of how it starts out, stress almost always manages to manifest itself in the physical. Lower back pain, tight shoulders, stiff legs, sore arms; the list is truly endless. Those with Western Massage Therapist trainging, aka Swedish massage therapist training, do everything they can to shorten this list.

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage therapist schools train you to provide targeted pressure massages for surface muscle tissue and joints. Using 5 or more basic strokes, you try to increase blood circulation and oxygenation. This, in turn, helps reduce lactic acid build up; one of the main causes of muscle pain.

You actually knead and manipulate the muscles so as to invigorate the tissue and energize the body. Ironically, you end up relaxing the body as well. Patients usually report feeling a deep calm and peace right after a session on the table.

You can work anywhere

After you complete your Swedish massage therapist diploma, you can work just about anywhere. Many work at gyms, spas, and sports clubs, but you can also set up a private practice. If you’re good, you’ll have a steady stream of appreciative clients and patients. Everyone loves a good, relaxing massage, after all.

If you have the skills and the right attitude (not to mention a genuine love of helping others), there are plenty of Swedish massage therapist opportunities just waiting for you. Almost everyone you meet is a ball of tight muscles and stress. You can help them eliminate the stress, pain, and discomfort that they accumulate on a daily basis. You might be surprised to find that helping others also eliminates some of the stress in your own life as well.