There is a popularly held belief that says many people have a deep, unspoken desire to return to the safety, warmth, and security of their mother’s womb. Alas, this can never be, but as a Watsu specialist, you can help create opportunities for patients to experience something fairly similar. More than just a womb simulation […]


Your body is designed to heal and grow. This is the basic premise of naturopathy; helping your body help itself. Naturopath schools focus on this basic tenet when it trains students to become healers and consultants. Your body knows how to regenerate the cells and tissue that it needs. As long as you lay the […]

Natural Medicine Practitioner

Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re probably a firm believer in the power of natural healing and medicine. Have you ever taken parsley for bad breath? Have you ever drank warm milk to help you fall asleep? Or perhaps your mother gave you ginger ale for an upset stomach. As you complete […]


Iridologists, specialists in analyzing the iris, identify weaknesses in the body and help prevent diseases. The practice of iridology is based on the idea that nerve endings in the iris of the eye are connected to tissues throughout the body. Because of this connection, inflammation, weakness, and damage in the body reflect themselves in the […]


Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon of toxins, helping to improve gastro-intestinal functioning and overall health. Hydrotherapy, sometimes called colonic cleansing, is an ancient natural healing practice that has been used for millennia to rid the body of toxins and restore order and balance to the body’s systems. By mimicking nature’s own cleansing systems, hydrotherapy improves intestinal […]

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy utilizes the body’s natural energy centers to promote health and healing. As a hot stone massage therapist, you’ll place smooth, heated stones on specific acupressure points on clients’ bodies to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy energy flow. While some hot stone therapies end with stone placement, hot stone massage […]


Herbologists study and recommend natural treatments, helping improve lives through natural healing processes. Throughout the last century, American medical practice has become more and more dependent on pharmaceuticals. Hand in hand with the rise in the use of pharmaceuticals for treating ailments from headaches to depression has come dissatisfaction with some medications’ side effects as […]

Eastern Massage Therapist

Eastern, or Asian massage, is a centuries-old practice. Asian massage modalities include shiatsu, acupressure, reiki, Thai massage, Jin Shin Do (a combination of Chinese medicine, acupressure, Taoist exercises and Western psychotherapy), hand and foot reflexology, and hot stone therapy. Most Asian or Eastern massage techniques incorporate the concept of energy flow, in which the life […]

Clinical Massage Therapist

As a clinical massage therapist, you can enjoy the benefits of creative, caring work that also brings in a regular paycheck. Unlike independent massage therapists, who can work flexible hours, most clinical massage therapists work a standard week. This structure has its benefits — predictable income, and a steady stream of clientele. Unlike an independent […]

Chair Massage Therapist

Chair massage therapist training is a growing art that provides healing for a variety of ailments. Chair massage is a popular form of treatment and relaxation where the therapist attends to the musculoskeletal system as the patient sits up right. Become a professional chair massage therapist by completing a rigorous training program and earning a […]