Polarity Therapist

Being healthy requires more than a strong body, positive attitude and no sicknesses. You’re a life force that expels and absorbs a tremendous amount of energy. If the energy becomes unbalanced, this can manifest itself in many different ways. You can develop stress, pain, or various illnesses. Those with polarity therapist training seek to correct […]


Your body is designed to heal and grow. This is the basic premise of naturopathy; helping your body help itself. Naturopath schools focus on this basic tenet when it trains students to become healers and consultants. Your body knows how to regenerate the cells and tissue that it needs. As long as you lay the […]


Homeopaths provide alternative treatment for medical conditions, offering concentrated remedies. Homeopathy is based on the idea that providing small doses of substances that cause illness in healthy individuals can stimulate the bodies’ of sick individuals to heal themselves. Homeopaths view symptoms of illness, like a sore throat, not as problems to be treated, but as […]

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutritionists help modify clients’ diets to promote the body’s natural balance and healing powers. If you pursue holistic nutrition as a career, you’ll work with individuals to help them determine their best natural diet. The foods we eat releases energy into our bodies, but they can also release toxins. Holistic nutrition is based on […]

Holistic Health Educator

Holistic health educators bring knowledge of holistic health to individuals and to healing professionals. Holistic health education career opportunities range from teaching courses to future holistic healthcare practitioners to reaching out to the broader community to offer courses to individuals interested in holistic health to providing training in alternative medical practices to members of the […]

Holistic Healer

Holistic healers use natural healing arts to improve the health and wellbeing of the individuals they work with. Holistic healers employ practices ranging from aromatherapy and Reki energy healing to herbology, all with the goal of providing their clients with natural healthcare alternatives to traditional medical treatment. While in many cases holistic healers aim to […]


Herbologists study and recommend natural treatments, helping improve lives through natural healing processes. Throughout the last century, American medical practice has become more and more dependent on pharmaceuticals. Hand in hand with the rise in the use of pharmaceuticals for treating ailments from headaches to depression has come dissatisfaction with some medications’ side effects as […]

Herbal Medicine Specialist

Prescription drugs often treat only the symptoms. For total body health, become an herbal medicine specialist. Man has harvested natural medicines and herbal remedies before recorded history. We still use these medicines to prevent sickness and promote general health while benefiting from years of clinical research. As health care and prescription drugs become increasingly expensive […]

Botanical Medicine Specialist

Your botanical medicine specialist certification will teach you the healing power of flowers and plants. As patients look toward Eastern forms of treatment for their ailments, the healing power of flowers, plants, and roots is taking a strong foothold. Leading the way is the botanical medical specialist. A certification or diploma in this medical practice […]


An aromatherapist diploma is a great way to use the powers of smell to heal patients’ hidden maladies. The power of our sense of smell has long been considered a healing feature of our body systems. Earn your aromatherapist diploma and learn how to harness the sense of smell to bring relief to your patients. […]