Reiki Practitioner

Just as your organs, hormones, and circulatory system must be in harmony for you to function properly, so must your energy field be in balance. If you have too much negativity in your system, it can manifest itself in the form of pain, injury, or disease. This is the basic premise behind Reiki; a healing […]


Becoming a certified acupuncturist gives you opportunities to heal patients with alternative medicine. Acupuncture originated in China over 2,000 years ago, making one of the oldest and commonly used treatment forms known to man. Acupuncture refers to the family of procedures involving stimulating anatomical points on the body through a variety of techniques. Your acupuncturist […]


With focused acupressurist training, you can master the art of a 5,000 year old Asian healing method. Acupressure is an Asian healing method that relieves stress related ailments with finger pressure as opposed to the traditional acupuncture needles. Rather than inserting fine needles, the acupressurist training will show you how to stimulate the various healing […]