Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral massage is a fascinating subspecialty of massage therapy. The craniosacral system is made up of the cerebrospinal fluid and membranes that bathe and protect the spinal cord and brain. Cranio-sacral therapy is massage of the spine and neck, done with a light touch, and aimed at rebalancing any points of congestion or restriction. It […]


There is a popularly held belief that says many people have a deep, unspoken desire to return to the safety, warmth, and security of their mother’s womb. Alas, this can never be, but as a Watsu specialist, you can help create opportunities for patients to experience something fairly similar. More than just a womb simulation […]

Trigger Point Therapy

If you have ever scratched a dog behind the ears, you have seen how applying pressure to certain areas can produce a feeling of intense pleasure and euphoria. The same is true with people. There are key points throughout our bodies that respond favorably to targeted massages. This is the underlying principle of trigger point […]

Swedish Massage Therapist

It’s amazing how much stress we carry with us. Regardless of how it starts out, stress almost always manages to manifest itself in the physical. Lower back pain, tight shoulders, stiff legs, sore arms; the list is truly endless. Those with Western Massage Therapist trainging, aka Swedish massage therapist training, do everything they can to […]

Sport Massage Therapist

Just by sitting at a desk all day, we accumulate a tremendous amount of stress. Imagine what athletes go through on the field every day. Who’s to take care of them? You are. Sports massage therapist careers are on the rise As a sport massage therapist, you will use your training and skills to help […]

Somatic Therapist

Your body has a memory. Traumatic experiences, repetitive stress, and general negativity can store themselves in your body. They often manifest as pain, soreness, stiffness or mood swings. Sometimes, patients aren’t even aware of how much baggage their body is holding until it is too late. Those with somatic therapist training seek to help their […]

Shiatsu Practitioner

There are massages, and then there are massages. You haven’t experienced true relaxation until you have received a professional Shiatsu massage. It is an ancient form of acupressure from Japan, and wow, it feels great. After you complete Shiatsu practitioner training, expect to make a lot of close friends. You should start by gaining a […]

Reiki Practitioner

Just as your organs, hormones, and circulatory system must be in harmony for you to function properly, so must your energy field be in balance. If you have too much negativity in your system, it can manifest itself in the form of pain, injury, or disease. This is the basic premise behind Reiki; a healing […]


Even without advanced medicine and science, many ancient civilizations understood the importance of various pressure points throughout the body. The hands and feet are especially receptive to certain types of massaging such as reflexology aka zone therapy. Reflexology is an age old skill that has enjoyed something of a renaissance thanks to a heightened interest […]

Prenatal Massage Therapist

When you carry a person inside you for 9 months, it’s not uncommon to develop pain in your back, neck and joins. But it doesn’t have to be that way. People with prenatal massage therapist training provide an invaluable service. They help alleviate the discomfort commonly felt by expecting mothers. Prenatal massage therapist schools can […]