Trigger Point Therapy

If you have ever scratched a dog behind the ears, you have seen how applying pressure to certain areas can produce a feeling of intense pleasure and euphoria. The same is true with people. There are key points throughout our bodies that respond favorably to targeted massages. This is the underlying principle of trigger point therapy.

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If a career in this ancient medicine interests you, you’ll be happy to know that trigger point therapist opportunities are plentiful. After all, who doesn’t like to feel great? The myofascial tissue that surrounds our muscles sometimes becomes extremely sensitive and sore. Your job is to apply pleasure to these areas and relieve some of the tension. Much of this tension resides in the lower and upper back. By becoming a trigger point therapist, you can do a lot of good in this world.

Training is a must.

The right pressure in the right place can work wonders. The right pressure in the wrong place can do damage. That’s why you’ll need to complete a massage therapy diploma or massage therapy certification if you are serious about trigger point therapy training.

This type of massage therapy requires a deep understanding of muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. Before therapy clinics, spas, or hospitals will hire your services, you’ll need to demonstrate a working knowledge of human anatomy. This much is true even if you decide to start a private trigger point therapy practice in your home.

Opportunities are out there

If you haven’t ever developed back pain yourself, you undoubtedly know many who have. Thus, you can rest assured that there is plenty of work out there for you. With the proper training and a few satisfied patients, there’s no limit to how far you can go as a trigger point therapist.