There is a popularly held belief that says many people have a deep, unspoken desire to return to the safety, warmth, and security of their mother’s womb. Alas, this can never be, but as a Watsu specialist, you can help create opportunities for patients to experience something fairly similar.

More than just a womb simulation

Watsu is an alternative healing practice in which patients are submerged in warm water (they can still breathe) while you float them around in slow, deliberate motions. All the while, you practice underwater Shiatsu and targeted stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles, alleviate pain, and create a sensation of total calm and deep relaxation. The low gravity is ideal for the pressure point therapy involved in the Shiatsu massage.

Patting your head and rubbing your stomach

The above Watsu description sounds like a lot to do at the same time. It is. That’s why Watsu specialist training is essential in this field. Not only must you keep your patient afloat, stretched, and relaxed, but you must also remain present and aware of everything around you. After all, it’s meditative for you, the practitioner, as well. Watsu specialist training can help you achieve this multi-task functionality. Your best start is to become certified as a massage therapist first, then get Watsu training as continuing education.

Watsu specialist opportunities

Finding heated pools for this healing art can be difficult at times, but Watsu has been growing in popularity over the years. Many spas, therapy clinics, and even some hospitals have the facilities that you’ll need. Ideally, however, you should practice Watsu in a place of total quiet and seclusion. Outside distractions can greatly hinder the care that you’re trying to give to your patients. If you have the money and space, setting up a home practice might be the best option.